Lubristation - Lustor - OilSafe - LUBRICATION STORAGE & DIPENSING : Compact & modular best practice storage modules for all lubricants.--------NEW WEBSHOP --------- LUNETA monitoring and inspection

Lubristation M Drums

Lubristation M Drums : Best Practice lubricant storage solutions for 200 and 60 l drums.

These can be fixed or mobile , but allways Best Practice with filter and breather air dryer in oder to avoid and decrease lubricant contamination. Suitable for all kind of lubricants, hydraulic oils, etc. Equipped with filters and filter rating in function of ISO 4406 contamination level strategies.

Systems with pneumatic pump, electrical pumps, even with manual rotational oil pumps ( if viscosity less then 500 cSt ).

P1010022 white bG small
Lubristation M Drum Stationairy Pneum.
mobile1 (Mobile)
Lubristation MD Mobile

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