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Lubristation S

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Lubristation S : Storage + conditioning + distribution of lubricants ⇒

Lubristation Oil Storage- opslag smeermiddelen

⇒Storage : lubricant oil  ( or oher fluids ) are stored in HDPE lubricant tanks, connected to a closed loop flexibles network , equipped with hydraulic filter units with pumps and an oil tap.

⇒Conditioning : Oil is filtered in circulation on the tank ( according to the required ISO4406 level ), stored and protected against extra external contamination from particles and moisture with breather air dryers ( Lubesec , Air Sentry ).

⇒Distribution : via lubricant pump systems ( standard electrical pumps ) and the same filter units, the clean and decontaminated lubricant is transfered to the oil tap ( with self closing taps ) and can de dispensed into OilSafe ® cans for further transfer to machine or point of use.

In option the Lubristation™ S units are extendable with consumption metersLabel Safe ™ identification, etc. The systems are available in different configurations and with different options like retention tank .


 Please send us your list of your specific requirements and we will be happy to calculate you an adequate BEST PRACTICE qoutation .


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Lubristation HDPE tanks
240litre stainless
Lubristation Stainless Tanks

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