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  FanPro® – Fluid Analysis Program 

FanPro® is a diagnostic, preventative maintenance program for monitoring and evaluating lubricant and equipment conditions, i.e.

·        less lubricant to purchase,

·        fewer parts to keep in inventory,

·        less used lubricant requiring,

·        less labor and less downtime.

Once you understand the value of fluid analysis – the importance of taking good samples at regular intervals, acting on the laboratory’s maintenance recommendations and managing the data to change and improve your daily maintenance practices – you are ready to develop and implement a practical, effective testing program that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Using one of Lubretec's Fluid Analysis Programs enables you to be more efficient with your use of lubricants and reliability tools.

Lubretec offers you the following four STANDARD
 FanPro® tests: 

Part nr. 41PK (40)

Part nr. 41Q/42Q (40)

Part nr. 41RWP (40)

Part nr. 51R (40)

Hydraulic or Circulating Oils

Gearbox or Bearing Oils

Compressor Oils

Diesel Engine Oils

Elemental Metals

Elemental Metals

Elemental Metals

Elemental Metals (24 by ICP)

ISO Particle Count

Particle Quantifier

Karl Fischer Water ppm

Fuel Dilution % by Range in Viscosity confirmation by GC

Karl Fischer Water ppm

Total Acid Number

Oxidation/Nitration by FTIR

Soot % by FTIR

Total Acid Number

Viscosity @ 40°C or 100°C  *

Total Acid Number

Total Base Number

Viscosity @ 40°C or 100°C  *

Water% by crackle (Karl Fischer if crackle is positive)

Viscosity @ 40°C

Water % by crackle or FTIR Viscosity @ 100°C

* Other specific/specialized tests are available

Innovative Web-Based Tools for Executing Maintenance Stategies 
Determining how and when to take action on fluid analysis findings has never been easier – or more helpful – than with HORIZON®. An innovative and intuitive web-based application, HORIZON® is the key to managing fluid analysis data with the goal of positively impacting maintenance and reliability programs. HORIZON® helps everyone work off the same page to ensure samples are taken at the right intervals, maintenance is timely and failures are drastically reduced. Much more than a way to view test results, HORIZON® offers interactive sample reports, customized report displays and actionable management reports to:

·      Monitor critical assets to pinpoint maintenance issues

·      Identify problems early to avoid unnecessary failures

·      Minimize downtime to prevent costly disruptions


Additionally, HORIZON® offers dynamic management reports designed to summarize, both at-a-glance or in more detail, the data results necessary to take appropriate action. 


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