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OilSafe Bulk Storage Systems

info sheet:

OilSafe ® Bulk Storage Systems are designed & developped by Whitmore, manufacturer of the popular OilSafe cans . The OilSafe Bulk Storage System is build around 2 levels of storage and conditionning of lubricants :
Oil Safe Bulk Storage System Lubrication Work Center

  • storage, protection and individual filtration per lubricants : ADVANCED
  • same as Advanced with oil bar and cabinets : LUBRICATION WORK CENTER 

In all versions, lubricants are protected with Air Breathers ( Lubesec or Air Sentry ).  Tank sizes from 120 to 910 liter, all units have retention tanks and build in a heavy duty frame. Optional, tanks can be color coded according to the Oil Safe Color Standard .

The Oil Safe Bulk Storage Systems are extremely compact and can be moved at all times within the plant ( ship, off shore platform, work shop ) . The assembly is modular and can be completed with various options ( hose reels, 2 stage filtration, fire protection, .. )  

The OilSafe Bulk Storage Systems Principle is : Cleanliness control, efficiency, security and Lubrcation Reliability

OSBS Basic
Oil Safe Bulk Storage Basic
OSBS Advanced
Oil Safe Bulk Storage Advanced
OSBS L Workstation
Oil Safe Bulk Storage Lubrication Work Center
OSBS Alarm
Oil Safe Bulk Storage System Options

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