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Who is Lubretec ?

World Class Maintenance.

World Class Maintenance has to be the final goal of each maintenance manager, and that is also our vision.  To achieve this excellence, multiple steps and trajectories are needed.

Our mission is supporting State-of-the-art Companies in order to evolve their day-to-day lubrication job into a Lubrication Reliaility Strategy.

Lubrication Reliability best practice tools.

Lubretec is the unique source for the purchase of all innovative lubrication tools and equipment needed to put Lubrication Reliability into Practice. Without these tools ( from simple Label Safe identification labels or Oil Safe cans, over lubrication software like Lube-IT to completely integrated lube room lubricant storage facilities ) a reliable lubrication management is impossible.

In that role, Lubretec is the importer and distributor of World Class products from Whitmore Inc. like : OilSafe, Air Sentry, Oil Safe Bulk Storage systems, Luneta, Esco, etc.  This line is complemented with a multitude of toos from renowned suppliers as well as products designed, produced, installed and serviced by Lubretec itself like the Lubristation lubricant storage & dispensing line.

Global Solutions.

Local companies as well as global multi-nationals rely on Lubretec bvba. Products & tools are shipped and delivered worldwide . Large multi plant companies with Corporate Standards are serviced by global purchase contracts.  In that way each plant can evolve to Lubrication Relaibility in the same way with same standards and products.  Lubretec is "recommended supplier" for a different number of European multi nationals and organizations.

Klanten Lubretec Global 

Advice = spreading knowledge.

Without clear an independent advice  our customers cannot decide in what way to excell in Lubrication Reliability. Without any commitment needed Lubretec will share its knowledge; even if we do not have the solution at hand, customers can rely on our support. 

You as a customer will receive advice on the implementation of reliable grease & oil lubrication and the impact on rules, standards and strategies like  : BRC, IFS, ISO22000, TPM, 5S , Lean, RCM, etc.

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