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Lubristation MD Mobile

Number: LU-MEMD1
Packaging: 1 pieces

The Lubristation M EMD1 is a mobile drum pump & filter system equipped with an oil hose and ( metered ) oil gun in order to efficiently and safely transfer clean oil. This design ensures compliance to BEST PRACTICE in lubrication management and contamination control with as result a very clean lubricant ( ISO 4406 ) for use in your machinery . In short Lubrication Reliabilty in practice.

These units are mounted on a drum trolley which makes it  extremely handy to transfer lubrication all over the plant in a safe, efficient & (contamination) controlled manner !

Technical features :

  • pneumatic lubricant pump
  • 10 micron filter ( other ratings possible )
  • recirculation of the lubricant over drum for cleanliness control
  • filtration during oil tap
  • designed for oil transfer with flexible 4 m  1/2 " hose and metered gun
  • equipped with all connections & hoses 
  • optional without digital lubricant meter
  • breather air dryer optional..

mobile1 (Mobile)

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