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Decolube Off-line :

Series of light compact mobile filter units. Ideally suited for quick filtration, fast transfer & filtration of lubricants : oils, hydraulic liquids, cooling liquids, etc. 

Decolube lubricant filter cart compact and budget friendlyGreat for oil transfer from drum to machine or from drum to storage tanks ( Lubristation ) : lubricants are filtered ( 3,10,25 µ )  from contaminants before use. Best Practice tool in your Lubrication Reliability management.

Decolube are filter cart systems equipped with electrical lubricant pump, filterunit , all necessary hoses and mounted on a practical light trolley.



Decolube On-line version filter units  : Decolube F

These extreem compact units are designed to operate continiously on machinery that needs to be protected from contamination and wear . They filter in depth machine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricants, etc.These Decolube F units can operate 24/24 - 7/7 .

Available in different flow rates, pump motor voltages, filter capacity and designed to be fix mounted.


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