NEW LUBRICATION STORAGE SYSTEM LAUNCHED : LUSTOR ! Compact & modular best practice storage modules for all lubricants.

Lubristation LCU

info sheet:

 Lubricant Storage + Conditioning + Dispensing in an integrated lube room container.

⇒ Storage : lubricants( or oher fluids ) are stored in the original 200 or 50 l oil drums , connected to a closed loop fixed piping network, equipped with hydraulic filter units with pumps and oil bar. The containerized lube room is standard equipped with an integrated retention floor.

Lubristation LCU lubricant storage and conditioning, dispensing in Oil Safe oil can⇒ Conditioning : Oil is filtered in circulation on the oil drum ( according to the required ISO4406 level ), stored and protected against extra external contamination from particles and moisture with breather air dryers (Lubesec , Air Sentry ).

⇒ Distribution : via pump ( standard pneumatic pumps ) and filter units, the clean and de-contaminated lubricant is transfered to the oil tap bar ( self closing taps ) and can de dispensed into OilSafe® cans for further transfer.

Lubristation® LCU options are consumption metersOilSafe® identification, etc. The LCU lube rooms are available in different dimensions and different versions : walking door, ventilation, ramp, air conditionning, heating , isolation, fire proof, etc. 

Lubristation LCU Lube Container Detail , Air Sentry breather       Lubristation LCU Lube Container Detail, Oil Safe storage rack, oil tap bar

Lubristation LCU Lube Container Detail lube container and oil bar, retention floor       Lubristation LCU Lube Container Detail oil bar, Oil Safe cans withLabel Safe identification

Send us your list of your specific requirements and we will be happy to calculate you an adequate BEST PRACTICE Lubristation solution .

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