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The Lubristation family is a range of lubrication storage, conditioning and distribution solutions and is a Lubretec innovative concept.  These are custom made units, assembled with modular components in function of clients needs :

  • storage area ( compact or extended , fixed or mobile ) Lubristation S oil tap bar and Oil Safe
  • number and type of lubricants  ( viscosity )
  • usage and packaging ( bulk, 200 l drums, smaller cans )
  • budget ( from basic solution to BEST PRACTICE with all options )

Lubristation™ includes following series :

  • Lubristation™ S : Standard units with HDPE tanks, electrical pumps, 3-way filtration
  • Lubristation™ LCU : Lubricant Conditioning Units lube rooms met 200 - 50 l drums, pneumatical pumps & 3-way filtration, oil tap bar.
  • Lubristation™ C : compact units with tanks, pumps, 3-way filter units ( 2-3 tanks per unit )
  • Lubristation™ M : mobile units with tanks or 200 l drums, pumps, 3-way filter units, enz.
  • Lubristation™ R : retrofitting existing lube room ( identical components as LCU )
  • Lubristation™ J : storage systems & racks for jerry cans, small recipients.

As allways the Lubristation 's are best combined with OilSafe, Label Safe , Grease Safe to cover the complete Lubrication Reliability™ storage, transfer and distribution section.


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Lubristation S
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Lubristation LCU
Lubristation M (Mobile)
Lubristation M
Lubristation C
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Lubristation R
Lubristation J
Lubristation J

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