Lubristation - Lustor - OilSafe - LUBRICATION STORAGE & DIPENSING : Compact & modular best practice storage modules for all lubricants.--------NEW WEBSHOP --------- LUNETA monitoring and inspection


info sheet:

The Lubristation  family of solutions for storage, conditionning and distribution / dispensing of lubricants is a Lubretec development. These are custom made systems, assembled with modular components with functionalities in function of customers needs and requirements :

  • place of use ( compact or extended, fixed or mobile ) Lubristation S tapbar and Oil Safe
  • number & type of lubricants ( oil viscosity )
  • consumption or packaging ( bulk, 200 l drums, small packaging , cans )
  • budget ( from basic to BEST PRACTICE with all options )

Lubristation ™ includes these series :

  • Lubristation ™ S : Standaard units with HDPE tanks, electrical pumps, 3-way filter units
  • Lubristation ™ LCU : Lubricant Conditioning Units lube rooms for 200 and 50 l drums built in container type storage.
  • Lubristation ™ Ccompact units with tanks, pumps, 3-way filter units ( 2-3 tanks per unit )
  • Lubristation ™ M : mobile or stationairy units with tanks or standard 200 l drums, pumps, 3-way filter units, enz.
  • Lubristation ™ R : retrofitting of existing lube rooms ( same functions as LCU modules )

 The ultimate purpose with Lubristation is to protect lubricants from contamination, increase cleanliness level and keep lubricants in optimal condition while lubricators finally can be proud of their equipment.


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