Lubristation - Lustor - OilSafe - LUBRICATION STORAGE & DIPENSING : Compact & modular best practice storage modules for all lubricants.--------NEW WEBSHOP --------- LUNETA monitoring and inspection

Lubristation M

Lubricant Storage + Conditioning + Distribution , single drums, fixed or mobile units.

Lubristation M stationary drum store system

⇒ Storage : oils ( or other fluids ) are stored in the existing drums     or single HDPE reservoirs in your lube room.

⇒ Conditioning : the lubricant ca be filtered in circulation on the drum or the tank ( according to the required ISO4406 level ) , then stored and protected from extra contamination fom the exterior with breather-dryers. 

⇒ Distribution : via a pumping system ( pneumatic or electric ) and filter the lubricant can be dispensed at the tap valve in a proper & clean way into OilSafe cans. Alternatively oil can be dispensed via flexible hoses with or without dispensing guns.

In option Lubristation® M is available with digital consumption meter, OilSafe identification system, retention, hose reels. Color coded trolley in OilSafe colors.

Lubristation LU-MEP Special ATEX - pneumatic pump + anti static wiring version for 200 & 50 l drum

Lubristation M 3
Lubristation M Drums
Lubristation Tank 275
Lubristation M Tanks
Lubristation M Modules

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