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LubeAssess - Lubrication Best Practice Snapshot

LubeAssess is designed to give you a quick snapshot of your lubrication practices as compared to a reliability based maintenance strategy. A Reliability based maintenance strategy is one that improves equipment reliability and plant profitability.

Simply answer the 6 questions, fill in your name and email address and click send. Our team at Enluse will compare your answers to your industry 'Best Practice' standards and we will return a report by mail with a graphic display and written commentry on your answers. Your results will also be added to our industry wide summary of results.


1. How is the lubrication activity viewed in your company?
We are interested in a general overall impression of how the activity is viewed from the maintenance staff, from the lubricating staff and management.
a maximum of 1 answer(s)
2. Is clean oil an issue in your company?
With this question we are trying to determine if your company actively conducts oil analysis in your plant and if this drives activities such as regular filtration of the oil.
a maximum of 1 answer(s)
3. How is the lubrication activity managed / controlled?
With this question we are looking to see if you have a defined structure for all lubrication activities. Such a structuure or system defines when to lube a piece of equipment, what type lubricant to use and how much lube to add.
a maximum of 1 answer(s)
4. How would you rate your companies lubrication knowledge?
With this question we are trying to access how educated on the subject of lubrication, your lubrication staff are. Lubrication knowledge concerns topics such as : - what is a viscosity and why is it important. - how to select or check what is the right lube for an application. - how much lube to add based on machine speed and time. - understanding what happens to a lubricant when lubes are mixed.
a maximum of 1 answer(s)
5. What percentage of bearing failures are caused by lubrication problems?
This question is to determine the level of evaluation your company does on bearing failures and if these failures are lubrication related.
a maximum of 1 answer(s)
6. How is the lubrication activity viewed in your company?
What are the processes for the safe storage and handling of your lubricants? This question is all about Environmental and Safety issues. You can check 1 or 2 answers in this list.
a maximum of 2 answer(s)

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