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How is your oil level doing ?Esco OSG O sight glass water & oil

Today, many machines are running without or with to less lubricant in the sump. Just changing the standard oil plug by a ( 3-D  ) oil level sight glass or plain oil level can solve this problem with a minimum investment. 


Oil Level standard, oil sight glass brassEsco Oil level sight glass 3-D oil level      


Oil in water or water in oil ?

These oil inspection tools ( oil sight glass ) do not solve the water ingress problem, but at least make the problem visable and detectable and even can separate the water from the oil in the tank without an oil change. Also other oil contaminations and the state of the lubricant ( color, cleanliness ) are easily detectable. A magnetic core can catch the particles for later analysis.

Esco 3D BullsEye, Esco Oil Sight window, Esco Oil Level, Esco 3D olie kijkglas, Esco Olie niveau

oillevel (Mobile)
Oil Level Standard
Esco 3D Oil Level glass
osg_stnd_vrt (Mobile)
Esco Oil Sight Glass
Esco Oil Sight Glass & Level
Esco_OLI_Small (Mobile)
Esco Oil Level Indicator
Esco Oil sight Glass High Temperature
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