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TPM, 5S, OSHA EU, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC,....

all techniques, strategies, organisations, standards with consequences in maintenance and lubrication. An import aspect in all these is identification and labbeling, assuring that environment, human and even production and production equipments are well protected.

A wrong oil in the machine is even a bigger problem then using dirty oil. To achieve this protection a complete systems of identification material is needed in order to label machines, top up points, oil tanks, grease nipples, Oil Safe transfer cans etc. Color coded labels, tags  and components make up LABEL SAFE.

Grease nipple assembly : Label safe color coded grease nipple protectors with labels needed.In the food industry , Label Safe  color coded labels and fixation equipment is applied to all tools and machines that contain any lubricant ( oil or grease ). In that way food-grade lubricants are well separated from non-food lubricants..

Were should we pump which grease ? >>>>

 Label Safe is part of the FluidDefense Oil Safe & Grease Safe group of products.

StumpyPourC (Mobile)
Label Safe
Label-Safe-PA30003 (Mobile)
Identification Customizing

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