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Esco 3D Oil Level glass

info sheet:

ESCO Oil Level sight glasses are the simpliest tools to check & inspect the content of oil tanks, reservoir , gearbox, etc. Lubretec provides now a new line of 3-D Sight level glass ( 3 dimensional ) manufactured from clear ultra strong plastic and restistant to 100 ° C.3D oil level, bulls eye, 3 D Bulls eye, Bull eye sight glass ( Also called Bulls Eyes or 3D Bullseye or Bulls Eye Sight Glass )

Metric as well as imperial ( NPT ) is possible. Smallest dimenions are made of  a brass insert thread into the plastic core. Larger diameters are made entirely of plastic , including thread.

Order your test 3D Oil Sight level now.

Esco 3D BullsEye, Esco Oil Sight window, Esco Oil Level, Esco 3D olie kijkglas, Esco Olie niveau

3D Bulls Eye Imperial
3D Bulls Eye Metric

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