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Esco Oil sight Glass High Temperature

info sheet:

 Esco Oil Sight Glass High temperature resistant


High Temperature Style When the Operation is Hot

The High Temperature Oil Sight Glass is your answer when radiant heat from nearby equipment or unusually high operating temperatures exceed the safe use of the Legacy Oil Sight Glasses.

Only available in Vertical Style, the Pyrex Glass and Teflon End Caps allow for operating and environmental temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So even under extreme temperature conditions, you will still be able to visually monitor the oil qualities and expel water contamination. This enhanced product continues to provide the visual oil management benefits when the Tattle Tale, Bottom Sediment and Water Bowl, BS&W, Pig Tail or Bulls Eye fail to operate due to high temperatures.

The High Temperature Oil Sight Glass is effective in most operating environments with the maximum temperature rating of 450 °F and the maximum pressure rating of 200 PSI.

Esco OSG High Temp. 1 Oz.
Esco OSG High Temp. 3 Oz.

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