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Air Sentry Adapters

info sheet:

Flange adapters, used with breathers having a 1" slip-fit connection, are used for reservoirs where the tank wall is not thick enough to allow for tapping threads. With the Model A-101 adapter, mounting holes can be drilled in the high impact ABS molded flange to mate with any required hole pattern. The Model A-114 flange adapter has a standard ANSI 6-hole pattern pre-drilled for mounting.

Threaded adapters, suitable for use with Air Sentry® breathers that have a 1" slip fit connection, are intended for reservoirs or gearboxes with a wall thickness sufficient for a tapped hole. Male and female NPT and male BSP thread versions are available.

The bayonet adapter replaces a standard breather cap on a hydraulic reservoir. Simply remove the breather cap, place the bayonet adapter on the breather flange, and rotate one-quarter turn. No tank modification is required. Bayonet adapters fit Air Sentry® breathers with a 1" slip-fit connection.

Threaded spin-on adapters replace the standard spin-on particle filters made by many manufacturers. These adapters fit Air Sentry® breathers with 1" slip-fit connections, are available in different sizes, and thread configurations. No tank modifications are required.

Threaded metal adapters fit the X-100 and any Z series breather. The breather connection is ½" male NPT while a variety of reservoir connection types are available.

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