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Breathers Air dryers

Breather dryer technology ( Air Sentry ) dessicant dissecant drying gelBreather - dryers are clever tools that absorb moisture and dirt from the air before it enters in the lubricant. They consist of a particle filter ( efficiency 0.5 - 2 µ ) and a special drying chemical with integrated saturation indicator ( desiccating breather, dessicant, drying beads, drying gel, silicagel ) . Lubretec provides two brands : Air Sentry and Lubesec .

The technology is simple : breather air for lubricant tank or hydraulic reservoir is being filtered trough the particle filter and consecutively passed trough the drying gel part ( desiccant ) of the breather. In this way only pure clean and dry air enters the reservoirs or tanks and cannot contaminate the lubricants or other fluids. 

Total Protection factor ! 

When the saturation indicator of the desiccant changes its color (  with Lubesec, Air Sentry en Guardian allaways from dark yellow to green ) it is time to change the breather, cartridge or drying chemical.

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Lubesec Breathers
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Air Sentry Desiccant Breathers
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