NEW LUBRICATION STORAGE SYSTEM LAUNCHED : LUSTOR ! Compact & modular best practice storage modules for all lubricants.

Lubesec Breathers

The LUBESEC desiccating breathers are ideal tools for the protection and dehumidification or dewatering of breather air on lubricants in machines and storage tanks or oil drums . Lubesec breathers are available in 3 dimensions 300, 600 en 1200 gr content and a 3/4" BSP Fem connection.

Lubesec breather dryer driger beluchter type DVD0 op tankLubesec breather - principle . Lubricant contamination protectionEach unit has an integrated particle filter of 0.5 µicron and can be refilled with new drying gel beads ( desiccant ) .  In this way you have a budget friendly protection system against dust and humidity ! Full Oil Contamination Control.

Different mounting adapters available.

Lubesec breather dryers are filled with human and environment safe drying gels ( silicagel beads desiccant ) with Gold to Green saturation indicator .( Lubesec does not contain any cancerogene blue Cobalt indicator ). Indispensable tool for cleanliness control in lubrication management.

Lubesec groep2
Lubesec Desiccant Breather Units
Lubesec Adapters
Lubesec Adapters
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Lubesec Desiccant Drying Gel

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