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OilSafe oil cans

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Allways the correct and clean lubricant at the right time in the right machine .

Example Oil Safe oil cans , drum, lid, pump, and bad examples





OilSafe ® is a professional lubricant dipensing system, consiting of interchangeable lids, drums , pump and accesories.

This OilSafe oil can means a revOILution in the efficient and safe distribution, transfer and dispensing ( handling in general ) of lubricants : for each oil lubrication job a different OilSafe combination is available. Five different lids and two pump systems make sure you find an adequate  combination for top-ups, refilling etc. 

Perfect identification with  the 10 OilSafe  colors ( beige , black, blue dark green, grey , green , orange , purple , red yellow ) in combination with  OilSafe label + identification system.

Oil Safe can filled with lubricant and reversed : completly leak free and hermetically sealedOilSafe cans are hermetically sealed , cannot rust, ergonomically designed and thus protect lubricants from any contamination ( dust, moisture ) and prevent leaks, spills and accidents.  Drums are translucent and graduated for content control.

Extremely handy or even necessary with modern Lubrication Reliability maintenance techniques or methods like TPM, RCM, LEAN, 5S as well as with rules & standards like OSHA, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000

No Lubrication Reliability plan and cleanliness control without the OilSafe can !


OilSafe Drums
OilSafe Storage Lid
Oil Safe Utility Lid
OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lid
OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid
OilSafe Mini Spout Lid
OS toebehoren2 (Mobile)
OilSafe Pumps
OS toebehoren3 (Mobile)
OilSafe Accessories
OS wisselstuk
OilSafe Spare Parts

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