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Middle East Lubrication Reliability

Lubrication Reliability in the Middle East equals in first instance in an overall safe-guarding and conditionning of lubricants approach. To achieve this, a selected product line is available : storage, dispensing, protection and decontamination tools.

In order to comply with the Lubrication Reliability strategy, one has to focus on the silent phase in bearing life : in this phase irreversable damage occurs and if one can make sure bearing lubricants are 100% contamination free, theoretically a bearing ( read : all lubricated rotating elements ) can have a indefinite life time. Extending the silent phase as long as possible is the aim.


1. Bearing lubrication film thickness is ver very small.


2. Bad Lubrication is responsable for 54 % of bearing failures. 



3. Indefinte bearing life theory : life extension = silent phase extension 


 4. Apply the 6 Lube Rights 


Please refer to the list on the left of selected tools, products and services to implement Lubrication Reliability today in your plant.

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