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Oil Safe Utility Lid

Oil Safe utility lid to mount a premium or standard pump on an Oil Safe drum.The Oil Safe ® UTILITY LID is designed for two reasons : the lid is necessary  to mount an Oil Safe  pump ( standard of premium ) on a 3, 5 or 10 litre drum and can be used as a pouring lid . The utility lid has a large opening of about 5 cm

Of course completely sealed to the Oil Safe drum with an O-ring. And with the Utility lid cap it can be sealed off on the other side.  The lids are available in the 10 Oil Safe colors.

 Features :

  • colors : beige black , blue dark green, gray , green , orange , purple , red , yellow
  • manufactured from industrial grade HDPE
  • heavy duty product with ergonomic design
  • Equipped and sealed with Nitrile O-ring
  • completely sealable in combination with the Oil Safe ® oil drums Oil Safe Utility Lid on pump combination
  • fits 1.5, 2 , 3, 5 en 10 litre Oil Safe containers.
  • will not rust or corrode, colors stay bright for ever.

Application :

  • when a large lubricant flow is needed
  • needed to mount an Oil Safe Premium or Standard pump ( only on 3, 5 & 10 litre )
  • extendable and easily identified with the Label Safe ™ 10 color identification system. 


Oil Safe Utility Lid Dark Green
Oil Safe Utility Lid Red
Oil Safe Utility Lid Mid Green
Oil Safe Utility Lid Blue
Oil Safe Utility Lid Yellow
OIl Safe Utility Lid Black
OIl Safe Utility Lid Orange
Oil Safe Utility Lid Purple
Oil Safe Utility Lid Beige
Oil Safe Utility Lid Grey

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