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Middle East Product Air Sentry

  Air Sentry ® Lubricant protection systems. 

Desiccant breathers are clever tools that absorb moisture and dirt from the air before it enters in the lubricant. They consist of a particle filter and a special drying chemical. Desiccant breathers are used on all lubricant containing equipment : gearbox, hydraulic tanks, motor sump, compressors lubricant reservoir, storage tanks and drums.

Especially in the Middle East, the harsh circumstances due to the big temperture changes and dusty environment demands extra protection of lubricants during storage or in use on your machinery.

Lubretec provides two brands : Air Sentry and Lubesec . Depending on the application and environment, we recommend the best solution.

 Special desiccant breathers also available for ATEX compliance, diesel, gasoline, chemicals.

  Find more detailed information here : see BRAND Air Sentry

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