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Grease Safe Pistol Grease Gun

Number: 330700->330709
Packaging: 1 piece

Color Coded GREASE SAFE Pistol Grip Grease Guns are ideal for one handed operation and are designed for use in confined spaces where access to grease fittings is restricted.

The pistol grip is designed to prevent fingers from pinching and includes a soft rubber handle grip for comfort.
  • are 3 way packable - cartridge, suction fill or by filler pump
  • have a super strong pistol grip handle with soft rubber grip
  • operate to 5,000 PSI (345 Bar)
  • have capacity for 14oz (400gm) cartridges or will fit 500cc bulk filled
  • have 1/8” NPT threads
  • are available in 10 colors for proper grease identification
  • comes with both a 4” steel and 12” flexible extension
Match your color coded grease gun to a LABEL SAFE Grease Fitting Protector to ensure the right grease is used in the right equipment.
Weight: 3.4 lb

Gresae Safe Pistoolvetpomp 10 kleuren

330700,330701,330702,3303703,330704,330705,330706,330707,330708, 330709

330705 (Mobile)

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