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Grease Safe Wire Rope Lubricator

info sheet:

Grease Safe Wire Rope Lubricator - Semi automatic Lubrication equipment for  steel wire ropes ( cables ).

Wire Rope lubrication allways has been a time consuming, dirty and unefficient job. But most of all unreliable because the fact that manual greasing has no penetrating effective lubrication as a result .

The Wire Rope Lubricator is designed to lubricate steel ropes in a reliable manner , deep into the strings under high pressure. This is done in a semi-automatic way , whereas the ropes passes trough the grease applicator which is fixed. The ropes do not to be dismounted from the installations. Using the Wire Rope Lubricator , the life of the ropes as well as of the rope equipment is extended.  

Wire Rope Lubricator action, cable grease applicatorView this application on a dry dock ship lift

Grease Safe Wire Rope Lubricator
Grease Safe Wire Rope Lubricator seals
Grease Safe Wire Rope Lubricator Scraper

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