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Mobilube Grease Guns

The Mobilube range consists of a number of battery operated grease guns. Mobilube MF vetpistool op batterijen in aktie.

The Mobilube gun itself is a heavy duty no nonsense tool. Lubretec improved the Mobilube with a few options and features :to become BEST PRACTICE tools :

  • Mobilube MF = pump with extended hose and pump switch at grease nipple 
  • Mobilube BP = best practice version with digital grease meter Elcolube
  • Mobilube BPC = like BP but with color coded cartridge holder
  • Mobilube 18V BP = best practice grease gun battery 18 volt,  version with digital grease meter.

Mobilube grease guns are offered in a complete kit with battery, charger, case etc.

ML kit1001 (Mobile)
Mobilube kits
PTML1203 (Mobile)
Mobilube Accessories

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