NEW LUBRICATION STORAGE SYSTEM LAUNCHED : LUSTOR ! Compact & modular best practice storage modules for all lubricants.

Magnetic Filters

When lubricant ferrous contamination is unavoidable and continious ( normal use & ware of components ) , Magentic filters can become an unique solution .Magnetische filter voor olie

Lubretec Magnetic filters are assembled with magnetic discs that capture ferro magnetic parts from lubricants , without any influence on flow rate or pressure loss even when saturated with contamination particles. 

Magnetic filters are more safe then magnetic drain plugs because they do not release the particles captured .

Decolube filter units can be equipped with the Magnetic filters and will enhance contamination control of lubricants. Also an ideal tool to capture and store particles for further microscopic analysis ( oil analysis ) and FMEA.

HT5 rendered (Mobile)
1326 clean core 45° (Mobile)

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