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Absorbents in the form of roll, pad, pillow , sock, spill kit : indispensable in each workshop or lube room and a much beter solution then absorbents granules ( cellulose, clay, wood chips ) because Lubretec absorbents are mostly dust free and do not release extra dirt that can contaminate lubricants

Lubretec provides absorbents for multiple applications :  Maintenance, Oil Only  & Chemical. In 90 % of maintenance applications, the " Maintenance type " is most sufficient.

Two qualities are available : STANDARD ( general application ) or HEAVY DUTY ( heavy duty work & high absorption

A great solution for a clean and efficient storage of absorbents in workshops, lube rooms or in our Lubristation lubrication staorage & conditionning units are the SAFE CENTER absorbent storage cabinets .

absorb maint (Mobile)
Absorbents Maintenance
absorb oil only (Mobile)
Absorbents Oil Only
absorb chem (Mobile)
Absorbents Chemical
safe center (Mobile)
Absorbents Safe Center

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