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Absorbents Maintenance

The MAINTENANCE type of absorbents are most suitable for spils during maintenance activities. Also usable for small oil spills around drums temporary machie or hydraulic oil leaks. Pads can be used as cleaning rags to clean machine parst from oily or grease stains.

MAINTENANCE absorbents come in pads, rolls , socks, and spill kits  and have a very high absorbtion capacity, and are long lasting or even re-usable. They are exceptionally strong and scuff resistant on one side.Lubretec Maintenance Absorb Drum Top doeken

The Drum Top Cover Pad is designed to suit 200 l steel drums or barrels, with pre-cut homes for access to drum contents, perfect for keeping the drum top clean .

Delivery from stock in Standard and Heavy Duty quality. 

absorb maint (Mobile)
Absorbents Maintenance Standard
absorb maint (Mobile)
Absorbents Maintenance Heavy D.
Absorbents Maintenance Spill Kits

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