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Lubrication Reliability Checklist

Hereunder you can find our handy Lubrication Reliability checklist :

S       Consolidation of packaging ( centralized storage )
ü      Unique type of packaging ( 200 l )
ü      Larger type
S       Consolidation of lubricant types ( less is more )
S       Reception control
ü      Type check & date
ü      Damaged packaging
ü      ISO4406 contamination level
S       Proper identification
ü      Color coding ( refer to dispensing, avoiding mistakes )
ü      Type – brand – internal order code
ü      Viscosity
ü      Application
ü      Date of reception & of first use
S       Pre-filtering of new oil to required ISO4406 level
ü      While transfer to new storage tanks
ü      Kidney loop on drum or tank
ü      Correct filter rate in function of application
S       Storage in proper environment
ü      Clean dedicated lube room, not outside
ü      Constant temperature & humidity
ü      Organized, safe & efficient
ü      Away from dirt causing production environment
ü      Use of proper absorbents ( no pellets, no sawdust )
ü      Use of regulatory spill retention equipment
S       Storage in proper recipients
ü      Lube supplier drums, containers ( horizontal/vertical )
ü      New plastic tanks - containers ( rust free, translucent )
ü      New steel coated tanks ( with oil level )
ü      New SS tanks ( oil level )
S       Protection
ü      Protect lubes from humidity & dirt with breather-dryers
ü      Fully closed containers/tanks, pump-tank connection.
ü      Protect grease nipples, quick disconnects with caps & plugs.
S       Transfer and dispensing
ü      Closed loop tank-dispensing equipment preferred
ü      Use of fully sealable dispensing equipment ( chain of cleanliness )
ü      Filtering during transfer and lubricant dispensing ( Oil Safe )
S       Continuous Lubrication Inspection
ü      Oil Levels on machines ( min-max level )
ü      Water separation sight glass inspection and tap
ü      Oil quality on machines ( Oil analysis )
ü      Lubricant and/or grease leakage
ü      Storage inspection ( open drums, dirty connectors, lost protect caps )
ü      Grease level in automatic lubricators
ü      Blocked grease lines
ü      Filter Saturation indicators
ü      Filter content inspection, pictures, samples (FMEA )
ü      Breather - dryer inspection for saturation

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