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Lustor LSW

info fiche:

Lustor System Wall Mounted version :

Same components and features as Lustor LS125,250,500 but without tank.  To be wall mounted and connected to existion oil drums or jerry cans. Fits 200, 50,60,25l liter drums and cans etc.

- Heavy duty pneumatic 3:1 oil pump

- Hydraulic filter
      - Different cartridge ratings ( 3 µ ,10 µ)
      - Anti static cartridges optional
      - Saturation Indicator
-  Air supply integrated
      - Regulator
      - Manometer

Lustor LSW Wall mounted system lube room design

      - Oiler
- Integrated retention tray for OilSafe cans 
      - Lubricant tap valve
      - Anti drip & anti splash
      - Self closing
- Oil Consumption meter
      - Immediate consumption
      - Total counter
- Lubricant protection breather ( Air Sentry Z134 )
      - High capacity dessicant for water absorption
      - 2 µ Filter for air born contaminants
Lubrication Reliability™ Compliant !

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