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 How to measure-control-monitor the content of your lubricant in an oil drum?


Without sinning against the Lubrication Reliability™ rules?

-      Contamination free

-      Easy to mount and to use

-      Accurate and timely (warning before drum is empty)

? Dipstick: no way because of possible contamination, inaccurate , cumbersome…

? Analogue meter with floater: inaccurate, difficult to remove and remount to new drums.

? Guessing by weighing/tilting the drum : inaccurate, to late ….


The DigOLevel S200L is the ideal solution to manage oil levels in drums, compliant to Lubrication Reliability™ because it avoids contamination (no contact with lubricant), is reliable and accurate.

It also measures and displays environmental temperature and produces an alarm when low oil level is reached. Plenty in time to prepare for a new drum and avoid air entry and cavitation in oil pumps and oil distribution lines.

DigOLevel S200L uses state-of-the-art Ultrasonic level Detection Technology.


Main Features :


Usable for all standard 200 l drums, steel or plastic

Mounts to ¾” G tread.

Uses batteries 2 x AAA long life.

Indicates drum content level to minimum level (20 l) and sets off a first warning.

Next alarm sets off below the oil level threshold (10 l)

Indicates environmental temperature (°C)


PN : LT-S200l200S (200 l drums) other content on request.

Digolevel on drum
Digolevel 200 l drums

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