Proaktief onderhoud = contaminatie controle smeermiddelen !----Lubretec oplossingen : ----OIL SAFE olie transfer tools, vetsmeer equipment, identificatie , ----LUBRISTATION smeermiddel- opslag en conditionning, ----AIR SENTRY drogers-beluchters , -----DECOLUBE mobiele of vaste filterunits, -----absorbents , spill kits en opvangmateriaal ----Smeermanagement software Lubrilys----ESCO & LUNETA Lube monitoring.
Smeermiddel Opslag & Conditionering

LUBRISTATION® systemen voor opslag & conditionering van smeermiddelen. Stationair of mobiel.

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Smeermiddel transfer, distributie & applicatie

OIL SAFE® Oliekannen, stationaire en mobiele pompunits, GREASE SAFE® vetpistolen.

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Inspectie & Controle

LABEL SAFE™ Identificatie van smeerpunten & materiaal, olie niveaus, beschermkapjes

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Bescherming, Zuiverheid, Contaminatie controle

DECOLUBE Filterunits mobiel & stationair, LUBESEC & AIR SENTRY® beluchters.

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Monitoring, monstername en analyse.

Monitoring equipment, monstername materiaal en flesjes, olie analyse service.

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Milieu Bescherming, Spill Control & Handling

Bescherming Milieu, spill control, absorptiemidddelen, kits, opvangbakken, veiligheidskasten, vatenbehandeling

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Assessment, Opleiding & Beheer.

Assessment actueel smeerbeheer, kennisborging & opleiding , beheer - software.

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Smeermiddel Opslag & Conditionering

 Did you know that even new lubricants are not allways  as clean ( uncontaminated ) as they should be according to OEM's specs ? Equally new lubricants should be stored & protected from contamination by dust, dirt & moisture.  In food processing plants, food & non-food grade lubricants need to be stored in separate locations, well identified. In more & more maintenance departments, cleanliness of workshops & lubricant storage areas becomes a priority ( 5S, LEAN, TPM ). Lubretec has the solutions for this : Lustor System, Lubristation and OilSafe.

Is THIS your actual lubrication management ?

Oil Drum storage open drums danger for contamination        Lube room bad example

Then we have the solution :


Lustor LS250 af3
Lustor Smeermiddelopslag
Kopie van P1010234 witte achterg 3
OSBS Advanced 2
OilSafe Bulk Storage

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